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The Energy Management Group (EMG) is not competing with your local utility provider when it comes to the delivery of your energy services. If you’re currently a customer of your local utility company, you will continue to have your business and your power lines serviced by that same utility company. The same goes for residential customers. Your utility company will continue to read your meter, maintain the necessary distribution infrastructure (Power Lines) and respond in the event of an outage. None of the great things about your current service will change!

EMG will help you take advantage of the deregulated market and get competitive rates on your electricity. EMG negotiates wholesale prices, creates innovative rate plans and payment terms and passes the benefits on to you, the customer. EMG is comprised of extremely talented and educated Energy professionals.  The founding executives of EMG saw an extreme need in the energy de-regulated marketplace and how it affected consumers when making a decision on energy purchasing. The De-regulated Energy industry naturally gave consumers more options and choices for their business.  EMG helps customers make the best choice for their business through education and built that key principle as the foundation for EMG’s selling process.