Energy Management

Protect Your Business From Rate Volatility

The Energy Management Group must perform and understand the specific needs and risk tolerance of each customer so that an Effective Energy Management plan can be put to action.  We need to build risk management into each strategy session with our customers. The specialists of the Energy Management Group have been trained to proactively navigate the complexities of the energy markets so our customers can avoid dramatic and sudden rate swings.  Our customers are confident their bottom line will be protected and never exposed to major price movements.  Each customer wants to stay below their budget and we make that a priority.


Consumption, Rate Class, and Price Monitoring  

Historical Usage Profile

This is a complimentary service we can provide for our clients. This entails obtaining 18 months of your historical electricity consumption from your utility provider. We then create a usage chart for you showing any possible variances in your consumption. This will at least give you a clear picture of how your facility consumes its power and at what times of the year. Customers then often choose to make some conservation efforts that lead to further ways to reduce consumption and save money for the business.

Rate Class / Rate Tariff Analysis

Utility companies may go years before updating Rate tariffs.  We simply review the “demand profile” to make sure it matches up with your issued rate tariff.  If we find you may be on the wrong tariff we will notify your utility company and work with them to place you on the correct tariff; which could lead to future savings!

Rate Triggering

The Energy Management Group can actively inform our customers of preset prices and terms.  This product provides our customers a proactive (not Reactive) approach to effective price execution.  Who is to say that today is the best day to purchase energy? Together we can execute a price that may only come available for 1 hour during a 3 or 6 month window!


Sustainability / Green Products

Green Products

As we navigate through your energy management plan it’s always a good goal to have a discussion how “green” you want to be and if “green” makes economic sense for your business.  The Energy Management Group will work with you to better understand if green energy is right for you, whether retrofitting or purchasing renewable power, we can help you achieve those green goals.